Friday, October 15, 2010

Too Fast to Live by 16 Bit

Obscure German group 16 Bit skirted the edges of electro, synthpop, EBM, and techno. The whole spoken/growled lyrics sounds very industrial, and the themes of desperation with regards to the modern lifestyle fit that vibe too, but the chugging techno bass line makes this sound perhaps more like Front 242 than anything else.

Sadly, I don't really know anything much else about 16 Bit. They had a few other releases, but they were extremely obscure and I've been unable in all the years since I heard about 16 Bit, to really find out anything at all about the band other than the names of those involved.


  1. No idea if you check old blog post comments, but I stumbled across this today. They lived on as Snap!, a moderately succesful band in the 90's :)

  2. Really?! I'll have to check them out then.