Monday, October 4, 2010

Cold War in the Brainbox by A Split Second

A Split Second was a a Belgian electronic body music (EBM) band from the mid to late 80s. Although the term was first coined by one of the members of Kraftwerk way back in 1978, it wasn't really defined until Front 242 used the term to describe their approach for their 1984 album No Comment. Front 242 defined the sound as it later came to be known; a kind of techno/electro fusion with industrial. At about the same time, Nitzer Ebb, A Split Second, Die Krupps and more followed shortly on their heels. A Split Second suffered from some repetitiveness if you listen to very much of them, but their debut song "Flesh", their most popular (I think) song "Rigor Mortis" and a few of their other tracks, including this one, were always club favorites for me. I especially liked "Rigor Mortis" and have a lot of memories of dancing to it during the 80s (as well as trying to hold my breath long enough to sing along to that very long note in the chorus.)

"Cold War in the Brainbox" has a very similar sound, too. While not necessarily very notable, I always liked it anyway.

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