Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Beg Your Pardon by Kon Kan

Another dance floor classic who's musical merit otherwise might be suspect is Kon Kan's 1989 anthem "I Beg Your Pardon." While not strictly speaking a one-hit wonder, I doubt very many folks would remember any other Kon Kan songs, and even I have to admit that this is the only one I think is worth remembering. This is another one that crosses in and out of various closely related electronic music subgenres with some facility, defying easy characterization, and mocking the concept that these songs can be so easily classified in the first place. Is it synthpop? Is it Hi-NRG? Dance? Something else?

It also happens to be another song of which I'm the proud owner of a 12" single on vinyl that I currently lack the capacity to listen to. Ah, well.

Great memories of dancing to this song back in the day, too, stomping as loud as we could during the pounding bridge with the heavier percussion effects.

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