Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Duel by Propaganda

Speaking of the Continental scene and German bands, here's Propaganda's "big hit" "The Duel" from their 1985 album A Secret Wish. This actually was relatively successful (and deservedly so) in the UK, but it was difficult to even find much less appreciate in the US. Propaganda's influence was small; they only released a few items, and only had two hits in the UK, but lead singer Claudia Brücken became a bit of a cult icon. Since splitting with the rest of the band, which sadly happened quite early, she's worked with Act, and solo, and even partnered up with ex-OMD founder Paul Humphries to form Onetwo.

This, right here, was probably her greatest single claim to fame, though... the track "The Duel." Also; check out that 80s hair on Claudia. Yowch!

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