Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York by MicroChip League (MCL)

A final update for today before I close up shop and get too busy to get back online, but here's MicroChip League's cover of "New York." This was an extremely dark song, with pounding percussion machines, an angry, growling synthline in a very low register, a heavily vocoded spoken vocal treatment, a bunch of samples, and generally a darker, more aggressive feel than synthpop generally had. This song, in fact, almost sounds more like an electronic body music (EBM) track than a synthpop track. I got this, again on 12" vinyl, at the same time that I got C.C.C.P.'s "American-Soviets" and the A Split Second EP that included "Rigor Mortis" so I've always associated the three songs with each other, even though that was an artificial association.

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