Friday, October 22, 2010

Jubilation by Anything Box

While T-4-2, who I mentioned a few posts ago, had mostly local modest fame (they were Texas boys), similar sounding Anything Box had a couple of genuine hits on their hands before the synthpop crash pushed them underground. Their second album, Worth, was produced by legendary producer Gareth Jones, but never officially released due to a dispute with the label. Members of the fan club were able to get it, and for years it was a highly sought after collectors item.

Of course, now you can buy it directly from Amazon as an mp3 download for about nine bucks. Although I wouldn't trade the easy availability and accessibility of music (and other things) in the age of the internet and the iPod, I do wonder sometimes if the scarcity and hunt for obscure releases didn't somehow make me value some of that difficult to find music all the more, though.

In any case, this song is not from Worth, and has never been particularly hard to find, since Anything Box's first album Peace is still in print even today, twenty years after first being released. This was the second, and less well-remembered (but not because it's any less good) single release from that album, "Jubilation."

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