Monday, December 10, 2012

Butterfly Potion by Foetus

I don't normally talk a lot about industrial music, with the exception of some of the fairly accessible and "poppish" groups, like Front 242--and their futurepop spawn; Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Covenant, Neuroticfish, etc.  But for a little while there, I boldly ventured into some industrial territory.  One of my earliest conquests in this territory was a Cleopatra Records compilation called Industrial Revolution (retroactively called 1st edition, because it was later re-compiled and re-released with some of the same songs... but not all of them.)  I ended up buying most of what I really liked from this album on its own--some early Sister Machine Gun, KMFDM, etc.  And then I ditched the double-CD because, frankly, much of it was too dissonant and weird for my taste.

But one of the more dissonant and weird songs is one that for some reason I always kinda liked.  Australia's Foetus (also known as Foetus on Your Breath, Foetus Under the Wheels and various other phrases using the word Foetus, all of them potentially kinda offensive) contributed the track "Butterfly Potion" to the compilation.  Frankly, I've been a little frightened about looking up more Foetus material... but at the same time, I do like this song.  This, then, is Industrial Music, when it's raw, ugly, dissonant, disharmonic, and noisy... and yet somehow, strangely compelling nonetheless.