Friday, October 15, 2010

Bostich by Yello

Swiss outre musician Boris Blank teamed up with a millionaire businessman and professional gambler Dieter Meier to form the electroduo Yello, who put out material throughout the 80s, but who only really became well known in 1986 when John Hughes used their track "Oh Yeah" as the finale for Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's since become an incredibly iconic song of the 80s and almost synonomous with something that you really want to have, showing up in commercials, movies, TV shows and elsewhere repeatedly to this day.

But they'd already been at it for over five years and with five albums under their belt, they were hardly newcomers when they finally got some notice in the US. Yello's signature sound was an electro montage of weird sound effects, tape loops, frequently a driving synthesizer beat, and of course, Dieter's distinctive vocals which are more likely to be chanted or stylized rather than sung. This song, "Bostich", is from their debut album in 1980. I don't know why the video below says it's from 1984, as it most definitely is not.

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