Friday, October 22, 2010

Humunkulus (Man of Glass) by Mysterious Art

In 1988/89 Mysterious Art swept Germany by storm, becoming incredibly popular in that country, while remaining relatively unknown elsewhere. In the 1990s when I was looking into finding underground synthpop on the internet, I heard a lot about this band, and they became a bit of a holy grail search for me as well.

Sadly, they've never got a mp3 release at Amazon that I'm aware of, and the CD sells for more money than I'm willing to pay still, so I listen to Mysterious Art on Youtube and elsewhere. They had a club friendly, gothic horror sound, with beautifully delivered female vocals (another relative rarity in synthpop.) While "Das Omen" was their biggest hit, I quite like the songs, "Humunkulus (Man of Glass)" and "Requiem" at least as much.

Mysterious Art is also a great example of the differences in the music scenes in various countries. Maybe not as much as some other acts I could mention: Plaza's "Yo-Yo" would never have had a prayer in the States, for example, but it's still in interesting example of how much variety there is locally.

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