Thursday, April 19, 2018

Untitled by Warmduscher vs Derb

Tracid Traxx released the phenomenal EP Vol.  1, which has three untitled tracks on it, all of which are collaborations between two artists on the label.  This one came up randomly; as you might guess based on the artists, it's probably the most acid of the three.  It also happens to be my least favorite, although that's less an indictment of this song and more an endorsement of the others.  Kan Cold vs. Kai Tracid and A*S*Y*S vs Hennes & Cold are just phenomenal hardtrance songs.

It may be worth noting that Kai Winter (i.e., the "Cold" in Hennes & Cold and Kan Cold—and also a founding member of Derb) is involved in all three songs.  He's a talented and prolific guy, but because he split his work between various aliases, he maybe doesn't quite get the same level of recognition that someone like DJ Scot Project does.  Not that Zenker didn't also use aliases (to a lesser extent) too.

Anyway, from EP Vol. 1 (sadly, no follow-up ever seemed to come about, and it only ever got a German vinyl release.  It really needs a digital remastering beyond this YouTube release.

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