Friday, April 27, 2018

Loco (Black Mix) by DJ Scot Project & A*S*Y*S

Ultra prolific artist (and especially remixer) joins forces with fellow German and pretty prolific himself Frank Ellrich, using his best known alias, A*S*Y*S to release this one-off track.

Project is Frank Zenker, and like I said, he's fairly prolific as an artist, but especially prolific as a remixer, and his remix style almost defined hardtrance, at least after the millennial rollover.  Frank Ellrich, on the other hand, works under more nom de plumes, and although he does a fair bit of remixing too, he's more of an artist, I think.  His best-known work is as A*S*Y*S, but the best known work of A*S*Y*S is when it was a duo; with Kai Franz (Kai Tracid).  Franz later split and went and did more of his own thing (including getting into running a yoga fitness center for a few years, apparently—but he was also extremely prolific under a variety of names throughout the 90s and 00s—and Ellrich retained the name, but he released stuff under his own name too.

Arguably this isn't really hardtrance, and some newer A*S*Y*S stuff is veering into hardstyle and subground, and other more "derived" electronic music genres.  I'd actually call this particular song probably a subground song, actually.

But I don't really get into overly proscriptive genre splitting, as I've said many times here before, of course.  And my "hardtrance" collection does include some "regular" or progressive trance here and there, some early hardstyle, some trancy subground, and various acid trance and even acid techno songs.  I think the genre splitting in EDM is out of control.  Most of this stuff doesn't justify being called a different "genre" really.  Sure, it can sound a little bit different.  But Def Leppard sounds different from Motley Crue.  Is anyone really going to say that they're different genres of music, as opposed to two bands that have their own approach to the same genre?



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