Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New blog!

One of my major loves, which I occasionally ramble about on my "main blog", is a certain brand of pop music. Because I wanted to talk more about this topic than I thought traffic on my main blog would tolerate, I've started up yet another blog for a special topic.

The kind of music I'm talking about is synthpop. However, I'm going to restrict this blog to talking about songs that came out in the 80s. My own definition of what I'm talking about is what was known in the US in the late 80s as New Wave, but since that's more of a "know it when you hear it" rather than strict definition, I'm foregoing worrying too much about the definition at all, and just posting any related music that I happen to like. So, while I'll mostly be posting synth-driven "new wave" that can also include plain old pop music that rode the coat tails of synthpop's heightened popularity during that era, more esoteric electronic music like some early industrial/EBM, and even italo-disco or Hi-NRG tracks here and there. After all, in the US, we didn't split our genres nearly so finely, and it was only after the fact that I started worrying about how it might all relate to itself.

I've made a preliminary list of over 200 songs that I'd like to showcase, via an embedded youtube video, with a bit of commentary from me. Some of that commentary will be historical, genre-related, or it might be very personal and relate to how the song meant something to me personally in the 80s (or since.) That list will no doubt grow as I remember other songs, or otherwise have them pointed out to me, but it's not meant to be a list of anything other than "songs I like from the 80s with a major electronica thrust of some kind or other."

Anyway, enjoy!

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