Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Million Headed Monster by I Start Counting

In an effort to put a lot of content out quickly while I'm still really excited about this new blog (so people who find it later when I'm posting more slowly have more content to read still) I'll add another few songs still today.

A late discovery (of mine) is I Start Counting's "Million Headed Monster." I first heard it in the mid 90s, but it's original release appears to be on a compilation CD in 1989. No wonder I didn't hear it for quite some time, as it's pretty obscure, but holy crap, it's a good song. Incorporating that typical late New Wave dark sound, with depressing lyrics and a driving dance beat (which was already a tried and true routine by the late 80s; Depeche Mode and New Order had been doing it for years, and Visage, Ultravox, and even Gary Numan had made it popular before that, even), this song feels like a forgotten hit, rather than the obscure track that it actually is. Ah, well. In a fair world, this song would have been big, but...

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