Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collapsing New People (Westbam Mix) by Fad Gadget

I decided to do one more after all; Fad Gadget is a slightly more obscure avant-garde art student type synthpop act that's really just one guy, Frank Tovey. He was very influential in many ways on the growing Industrial music genre as well, and this song, 1984's "Collapsing New People" (from Tovey's fourth studio album in as many years) even was jointly produced by German industrial band Einst├╝rzende Neubauten (which is German for collapsing new buildings, actually.)

I included the Westbam Remix, because I like it better than the original, which feels just a bit sluggish. Unfortunately, the youtube version of it has some stuff occasionally going on in the background and interfering with the soundtrack just a bit. Bear with it. It's a cool song and worth the trouble. Just because it's such a lousy copy, I embedded another version you can play instead. It doesn't come with any video, but the sound quality is much better, plus it's more complete.

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