Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Worm (Marcos Remix) by Steve Knight and DJ Ryze

Although I'm especially belated in discovering the English hardtrance scene, there was actually a fair bit of activity there—although a shocking amount of the stuff early in the millennium seems to be centered around three guys; Steve Knight, Mark Dearden (Marcos) and especially John Stembridge (Jay Walker, JK Walker, MTW, Apogee, various other aliases.)  In addition to their solo stuff, they also seem to have collaborated with each other (and occasionally others) in various guises as well.

There was another pole around the Tidy Trax guys, and some of their output is hardtrance, although there's also a lot of hard house and other stuff that is similar in that crew, but not the same as hardtrance.  Guys like K90, Guyver, Lee Haslam, Paul Maddox, etc.  In fact, it may be fair to say that hard house is more the focus of the Tidy Trax guys and some good hard trance was an almost inadvertent output.

The more modern British hardtrance scene, centered around guys like Alex Kidd, the Organ Donors, etc. tends to be more subground than traditional hardtrance, but the three mentioned above are doing stuff as good as anything the north Italians, the Germans, the Dutch or the Swiss ever did.

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