Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sister Marie Says by OMD

One final entry for today.  This song was actually originally written in 1981 by OMD which, of course, I've talked about here already before.  It wasn't recorded until much later; after the classic line-up had broken up following "If You Leave" and "Dreaming", and after Andy McCluskey had run with the name for a number of years, issuing the largely excellent Sugar Tax album, and then a few other largely forgettable ones.  McCluskey gave up in the mid to late 90s with the name and let it rest.

In the mid-00s, Humphries and McCluskey got to talking, they were invited to perform in Germany, and the legal issues with the name OMD itself were largely sorted out, and... well, they got the classic line-up band back together, and came out, in 2010 with the excellent History of Modern.  There's a lot of good tracks (although a lot of weird ones too) on History of Modern, but my favorite is this old one, reworked decades after the fact, but still sounding pristine, as if it belongs firmly to the 80s.

Although one curious side effect.  McCluskey often has odd pronunciation.  Although the title of the song is "Sister Marie Says" it usually sounds like he's saying Sister Mary.  Sometimes it sounds like he's saying Sister Murray.

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