Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop) by Q-Feel

Another one-hit wonder of the early 80s with a song that mentioned heaven prominently, Q-Feel was actually making a rather cheeky song about dancing in space.  It would probably be completely forgotten (instead of merely mostly forgotten) except that it was added to the soundtrack album of Girls Just Want To Have Fun.  The song was released originally in 1982, but had a re-release in 1989.

Again; I heard it for the first time in the 90s on an 80s compilation, but then again, I never watched Girls Just Want to Have Fun when it was new, or even for several years afterward.  It's not that great of a movie, and frankly it's more fun just to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt playing teenagers when they were young enough to pull it off (although that novelty wears off very quickly.)  I also remember being pretty disgusted when her love interest sucker-punches a much larger rival and then runs away, and that's portrayed as a romantic moment.  What a loser!

Anyway, it's still a fun, albeit extremely silly, song.  By the time I saw the movie, I did know the song, and thought it was fun to see it in the finals.

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