Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Leave in Silence by Marsheaux

Marsheaux is one of my favorite bands these days, and have been for a couple of years now.  They do have an interesting habit of recording a lot of cover versions of 80s songs.  In fact, they are so into recording cover versions of 80s songs that they actually recorded a cover version of an entire album; Depeche Mode's A Broken Frame.  In fact, they apparently enjoyed this so much, that they covered three versions of it: one that's a "straight" version (UK tracklist, so it doesn't have "Further Extracts From: My Secret Garden") but then they also issued an instrumental version, and an Extended version with all extended remixes, plus the two b-sides that came out during that era by Depeche Mode.  Although the instrumental seems to have been a very rare promo release.

I thought about tagging Depeche Mode in this too, given the nature of this particular cover album, but I thought better of it.  This is Marsheaux's extended version of "Leave in Silence."

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  1. I stumbled across this version by Marsheaux only recently while researching new songs to add to my somewhat 'ecclectic' Spotify song aresenal. I doubt I will ever tire of the original "Leave in Silence" by Depeche Mode. It will always have a spot in my library of all-time musical favorites. I find Marsheaux's version to be a fantastically rendered piece that is unique without destroying it's source inspiration. In other words, it's undeniably classic Depeche Mode sound with a fresh, no gimmick appeal. Recommended!