Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't Wait by Night Vision

Since discovering Æon Rings while searching for cover versions of "But Not Tonight" I've been very pleasantly surprised with what I've found.  They have one 5-song EP available on Amazon, and they have some tracks that are on Soundcloud that you can download, although it appears that they were using the band name of Night Vision at the time.  On Youtube, the selection is often a bit confused; I discovered today's selection billed as a track by Æon Rings but on their soundcloud page, it's credited to the earlier band name.  The other song "Keep Moving" is also billed as such.

Æon Rings is called a dark wave band in many reviews, but these songs certainly are more "bright and polite" synthpop.  Maybe that's the reason for the two band names; they're meant to be different in style?  Either way, it's the same two guys, and the tracks are great.  You can download all five of the tracks directly from Night Vision's soundcloud, and I especially recommend "Keep Moving" and "Don't Wait."  Heck; "Don't Wait" is my new favorite (for the moment) favorite song; although "Time to Run" from the Æon Rings branded Floods EP is also a contender.

I can't figure out where they've released "But Not Tonight" anywhere; I've only ever seen it as that youtube video I linked to last post.

EDIT:  Found it:

Apparently you can get that for free too.  I'm looking into the rest of the collection as we speak.  Sadly, nothing seems to be nearly as good as "But Not Tonight" so far.

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