Monday, February 16, 2015

Let Me Go by Heaven 17

I've never been a huge fan of Heaven 17 myself, especially since the first song I heard of there's was the execrable (and frankly, really stupid and insulting) song "(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang."  Of course, that's probably unfair to the group, who have been cited as very influential for quite some time.  The group itself is the original core of The Human League.  They really wanted Glenn Gregory as lead singer, but he wasn't available, so they went with their next choice Phil Oakey.  In many ways, they were more influential on New Wave music in this incarnation than in later ones, but they failed to find mainstream chart success, and the group broke up in the early 80s.  Phil ironically was left with the name, which he went on to do amazing things with when he released Dare, which is still one of the biggest early New Wave albums of all time, especially with its massive hit "Don't You Want Me."  The rest of the group managed to get Gregory after all, and changed their name to Heaven 17 and went through the rest of the 80s with more modest success.

In America, their best known song is "Let Me Go" which was ironically not all that popular in the UK (there, their biggest hit was probably "Temptation.")

I actually missed Heaven 17 entirely the first time around, and when I discovered them later, I found that I really only liked (of the material I heard, anyway) "Let Me Go."  And I only discovered that because it was covered by the ill-fated late 80s synthpop band T-4-2 (sometimes spelled T42, although that's not how I did it when I spotlighted one of their songs a number of years ago.)  I should do more with T-4-2; they briefly made a big impression on me when they were poised to be another Anything Box.  Sadly, they didn't live up to their promise.  But they did lead me, eventually, to this song by Heaven 17, which I do have to admit is pretty cool.  Even if Heaven 17 was never really one of my favorites of the 80s.

Shout out to the guy who commented a long time ago saying that Heaven 17 was one of his favorites that he missed seeing here.  Well, now their on the board.  I can't imagine that I'd put anything else of theirs on; this is really the only song of theirs that I really liked, and I discovered it very belatedly.  Oh, well.

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