Friday, November 5, 2010

Only You by Savage

This is one of the funniest italo-disco music videos I've seen. Savage, a skinny, kinda nerdy-looking Italian guy who's made his hat into his signature look, has to stop his girlfriend from marrying a really sleezy looking fella in a strange computer cult ceremony with really bad English grammer.

While the video is mostly silly and unintentionally funny, the song itself is kinda nice; and highlights some of Savage's best features; he had a nice voice, could write emotional and memorable synth and vocal hooks. Of course, Savage had already demonstrated this with his earlier song "Don't Cry Tonight" which sounds so similar, in fact, that "Only You" is almost eerily deja vu in nature. He later went on to have a few other minor hits (that managed to sound a little bit different) including "Goodbye" and hey; apparently he chose his stage name after Doc Savage the pulp hero. Ya gotta like that.

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