Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sherlock by Hive Riot

I'm discovering new music at a fantastic pace lately.  Hive Riot comes from a retrospective of the best synthpop albums of 2016 by some blogger, and certainly I think he's on to something.  These guys are fun, poppy, light and pretty classic.

He said they were L.A. based on his blog, but that's clearly not true; it's a duo and the woman and main vocalist is married to the older brother of the instrumentalist and backing vocalist.  They met as youngsters in Provo, UT, and she (it appears) still lives there, while he has a day job in NYC.

They seem pretty fun, and this song certainly is so.  This is the official music video, and it makes me chuckle, not only because it's pretty fun, but also because it's just about the gayest music video I've seen since watching older Jimmy Sommerville and Soft Cell music videos.  For many years, I rejected, and was in fact even offended, by the suggestion that my favorite music was favored by the gay community, but I've had to finally reluctantly agree that it certainly seems like it's true.

On the other hand, synthwave has been declared (tongue in cheek, but still) as the pop music of choice of the Alt-Right, and an expression of truly European, white pop music, and if that's true for synthwave, the all non-hip-hop electronic music has to fit into the same mold to some degree.

Of course, many self-hating white people think that that's nearly as terrible as being the anthems of the gay community, if not even moreso, so there's that.

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