Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pompeji by Camouflage

I mentioned earlier that Camouflage's "Pompeji" was almost a better example of their melancholy, ethereal take on the Depeche Mode sound, in spite of the fact that it was really just an instrumental b-side. I also mentioned that I couldn't find any versions of the longer 12" version that I had on my "The Great Commandment" 12" single. That is no longer true, so here it is.

I like that this fan-made video has a bunch of images of the Serengeti on it. Although Pompeji is the German spelling of Pompeii, and therefore presumably this has an ancient Roman type theme or something like that, it always reminded me sharply of the opening credits to the movie Hatari! by Henry Mancini. Just for fun, I attached a youtube clip of that, too.

It helps, perhaps, that Hatari! is one of my favorite movies.

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